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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Metal Mama Goat - Yard Art

Every yard can benefit from a little art, and nothing graces a flower garden quite like welded metal sculptures of farm animals. And one of the finest specimens available is a friendly even-toed ungulate known only as Metal Mama Goat - Yard Art.

She's roughly life sized, measuring 32 inches from nose to tail and standing 36 inches high at the tip of her horns. And she's remarkably realistic, complete with metallic udder, a long shaggy beard, dangling ears that look floppy despite their solid material, and round, gently curved horns that taper upward to a sharp point. Made of white painted metal, she looks just like a real goat with a white coat — even the black markings, created by weld burns, look natural. An irregular black dorsal line stretches along her spine from neck to tail, matching her black hoofs and horns and the dark markings around her eyes and nose. Though the beard is just a single flat metal panel, it appears to be made of individual hairs, thanks to further black markings that run along its length.

Metal Mama's rustic charm makes her a welcome addition to almost any setting. The most typical placement is in a flower garden — you can position her in the middle of a bed, as if caught in the act of munching on some colorful blossoms, or place her in a walkway, as if wandering the garden paths. Few people think of decorating their vegetable gardens with statuary the way they do flowerbeds, but her mischievous presence would be just as appealing in a bed of squash or tomatoes. But don't restrict yourself to the garden — Metal Mama would look just as great anywhere in your yard, standing against a barn or house, or even inside your home. Just because it's welded metal art doesn't mean it has to be restricted to the outdoors!

Made of recycled metal and crafted entirely by weld, Metal Mama Goat - Yard Art is a beautiful piece of country art. It's a blending between the world of sculpture and the farm experience, and at a price that won't put ya out to pasture! 


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