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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Animal Statutes & The Arts: From Ancient To Modern Times

Depictions of animals in art have been around since prehistoric ages. Since ancient days, paintings in caves, on walls, and even on ceilings, there appear images of most any animal species known to man--and some of those that have become extinct. Some were hand-painted in dyes and paints, others drawn in charcoal; however, all served as a journal of sorts of everyday life for later generations to witness.

Animal Statues and The Arts

However, once sculpting began being more defined as an art form in itself, the shift  towards sculpting animal likenesses began. Transferring these images to a third dimensional perspective, the use of animals as subjects for statues enhanced and better portrayed  the appearance the artist wanted to convey in a more dynamic manner.

Previously, the images were lifelessly flat; however, now they had a real-life aspect to them forever edged in stone, clay or whatever the chosen medium might be.

Combining animal statues & art in garden settings throughout Asia and Europe, a relaxed, peaceful and serene atmosphere was created. Now there existed a special place: a hiding place to meditate, exercise and even produce beauty and provision if need be.

Animal Statues and Art In Modern Times

Since the late Middle Ages or Renaissance period, animal statutes have been popularly used to help depict the man known as St. Francis of Assisi. This famous monk and saint of the Christian religion is always seen accompanied by small animals at his side: doves, deer and squirrels to name a just few. Commonly known as the Patron Saint of Animals, this combination of saint and animals appears throughout thousands if not millions of garden settings in North America and Europe alike.

Another use of animal statues can easily be seen in most any museum, public park or public square. No longer are animal statutes limited to stone, bronze, or copper materials to structure their artistic crafts of animals. Some cities opt for more modern sculptures of animals using contemporary sculpting materials such as fiberglass or even plastic.

Whether etched in marble, bronze or just plain stone, animals and art are here with us for the long haul adding delicate charm and beauty to today's otherwise mundane and rather spartan-like existence. One thing is for sure, beautiful statues of animals are a great way to dress up any garden area.


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