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Sunday, January 12, 2014

What You Can Do With Unusual Wood Ladders

Using ladders is a great way to add flair to your home’s décor. They work well eclectic, rustic, cottage and other décor schemes. Use unusual wood ladders to create a wide variety of different decorative and functional items in your home. Every room can have a ladder or two that can tie your décor scheme together. Here are some examples of items made from wooden ladders.

• Hang a vintage run ladder horizontally from the kitchen ceiling. Attach S-hooks to the rungs and hang pots and pans for a functional display.
• Attach unusual wood ladders to the wall, side by side to create a focal point or unique headboard.
• Match wooden ladders that have the same rung height and place shelving on each rung to create a bookcase.
• Lean a vintage or antique ladder against the wall and hang blankets or quilts on the rungs.
• Cut an old ladder in half, miter the tops and attach them to create an a-frame. Place shelving on the rungs to display items.
• Coat with a weatherproofing product or paint and use ground stakes to use it as a rustic garden trellis.
• Use wooden ladders to build a garden arbor or gazebo; grow vine plants such as grapes to cover it and provide shade as well as visual interest.
• Mount a ladder on the wall and insert pictures, stained glass or mirrors in the rung areas for a one of a kind visual display.

You can find wooden ladders at flea markets, garage sales, vintage building supply centers, and online. Prices will vary due to the type, size and length of ladder as well as its age. Unusual or rare ladders will command a higher price tag.

Price aside, wooden ladders offer décor and design possibilities that no other item can. You can stain the wood, paint it, or leave it plain. Use your imagination. A ladder can add an interesting conversation piece to any part of your home or landscape. 


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