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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Vintage Wooden Boxes from Bodine Electic

One of the best ways for gardeners to improve the look of their gardens is to add accessories. When it comes to accessories, adding some Vintage Wooden Boxes from Bodine Electic is a great idea. These fabulous wooden boxes can be put to a wide number of uses inside your garden. They are lovely and stylish, and they add a touch of class to any garden setting. Here is a closer look at these fabulous wooden boxes as well as some ideas for how to use them.

Beautiful Vintage Construction

These incredibly gorgeous wooden boxes are salvaged from the Bodine Electric Company in Chicago, Illinois. The boxes were used to hold parts during their years in the factory. Because they were used in such a heavy-duty environment, they were constructed quite ruggedly to survive harsh treatment.

The ends of the boxes are reinforced with attractive steel strapping that has been polished smooth over its decades of use in the factory. These boxes held up in the rough environment of the factory floor, which means they will have no problem surviving for several decades more in the comparatively mild garden environment.


One of the best ways that gardeners can make use of these lovely vintage boxes is to turn them into planter trays. They are very large, which means that each box will be able to hold several plants. The small boxes measure 12.5 inches wide and 25 inches long. The large boxes are 18.5 inches wide and 25 inches in length. Whether homeowners want to place these boxes in their living rooms, window bays or front halls, they will look equally lovely. The classy look of the vintage construction of these boxes adds a touch of prestige to any environment.

Hold Garden Supplies

These boxes also make a lovely container to hold garden supplies. They can be placed both inside, outside, and in a shed to hold garden supplies. Their beauty and ruggedness ensures that these Vintage Wooden Boxes from Bodine Electic will look great no matter what area they are used in.

Outside Planters

Homeowners can make use of these fabulous vintage wooden boxes as outside plant trays as well. The boxes will need some special treatment when they are used in this manner. Gardeners need to make sure to give them an annual coat of varnish to protect them from the elements. In addition, the boxes should be brought inside during the winter in northern climates. This will prevent premature wear and tear due to the harsh weathering of winter snow and ice.

Enjoy These Beautiful Boxes

Homeowners, gardeners and their friends will all enjoy buying these attractive and unique boxes. They are a great deal and make thoughtful gifts for plant lovers. Their ruggedness, beauty and refinement make them a smart purchase. Because they are a vintage product created from salvaged materials, buyers can feel good about their purchase from an environmental standpoint as well. Homeowners will enjoy using them in a wide range of garden scenarios.


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