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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wall Decor That Tells You to "Eat Here"

Americana is more popular than ever. Many look back to the days when cafes and truck-stop diners welcomed travelers on the long, lonely country highways. America also remembers pioneer days, when everyone worked on the farm and food came from the garden. Trade signs on barns and along highways told you where to stop.
Americana is back in vogue with checked curtains, retro kitchen appliances and rustic decor. Those old trade signs are being collected, and rustic handmade signs are being made that revive the look. Whether you want to hang a piece of nostalgia for those long road trips, bring a little of the outdoors inside, or revive the Pop Art of the Sixties, 3 - D trade signs wall decor are a good way to do it.

A "welcome" sign made of individual letters hammered out of recycled metal is more than a sign to come in. The bright-colored tin letters are a nostalgic bit of homemade Americana. Rustic "cafe" signs recreated in a loopily lettered font make visitors feel like they're sitting down on a country patio on a summer's day.

Trade signs used to tell travelers what to expect. "Bar," "grill," "wine" or "music" could be had at that spot. These trade signs can be colorful and humorous additions to a kitchen or dining area at home. Guests become welcomed travelers.

Stories are told as guests begin to reminisce. Using the style of a trade advertisement, a 3 - D lettered sign that reads "ove" or "friends" makes a reference to present company. Hostessing is easy when a big, rustic and rusted "eat" sign curls along the wall.

Trade signs were big, so they could be seen. Replicas of originals can be just as big. Made from recycled old metal signs, the new wall art can stand out like a mural or a big Pop Art painting. The signs are cheerful and engaging.
3 - D trade signs wall decor reminds one of being out in the country, out on the road, off on vacation at a beach or the lake house. These signs take us back again.


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