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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Woven Wire Fence Gates

A gate is essentially the first doorway into your home. It opens to allow entrance and exit, and it latches to secure the area. However, a gate can also make a statement about what lies on the other side. Woven wire fence gates offer a practical solution to entry, exit and security, while leaving a rustic, romantic impression.

Ornamental "loop top" wire fencing has an old-fashioned appeal that takes you back to Grandma and Grandpa's yard. The finial loops topping off the fence have a whimsical feel, while the sturdy woven wire secures lawn boundaries to keep children and family pets safe inside. Robust woven wire fencing and gates are also used around vegetable gardens to keep pets from digging holes and to protect the harvest from pilfering wild animals.

This type of woven wire fencing is often placed inside a metal or iron frame to form a decorative gate. This style was especially popular in the 1920's and is making a comeback with antique collectors and homeowners with vintage taste. Symmetrical iron scroll work at the top of the gate, sometimes connected with a metal spire, is the classic way to make a functional fence gate more ornate. Despite the decorative quality, these metal gates are hardy enough to withstand pressure from rambunctious children and clambering canines alike.

Most often, gates are associated with fences. However, freestanding woven wire gates also make ideal trellises. Ornate wire gates provide a classy, art deco flare to the yard or garden, where climbing plants can take root and prosper. First, secure the gate with re-bar or another kind of metal post. Then plant a rose, ivy, grapevine, morning glory or clematis at the base of the gate, and the plant will weave its tendrils through the wire and provide a little old-fashioned romance to the lawn.

Woven wire fence gates can be found in all different shapes, sizes and levels of embellishment. They offer fencing and garden decor solutions that are long-lasting, both in construction and style. These old fashioned gates are the warm welcome mat you need too!


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