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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tin Birdhouse on a Stake - Rustic Metal House for the Birds

When it comes to garden decor, larger isn't always better. This is especially true when the exterior space around a home is quite limited. That is what makes something as attractive and practical as a tin birdhouse on a stake - rustic metal house for the birds such a great find. The meticulous attention to detail evidenced in the metal spiral that is incorporated into its design makes this a very attractive form of garden art.

There's an amazing number of ways to incorporate a small birdhouse into your lawn or garden design. In areas where narrow pathways separate houses, a birdhouse on a stake is the ideal size to place at the front of the pathway. It will not obstruct the path, but will attract birds activity to the area.

A tin birdhouse on a stake can also be a wonderful addition to a spacious lawn or garden area. When space allows, it's a good idea to add a garden bench in the area near the birdhouse. This will provide the perfect spot for relaxing and doing some bird watching. Spacing several birdhouses throughout a large garden area will increase the number of feathered visitors to the area.

Residential areas are not the only place that a tin birdhouse on a stake would look lovely. People notice the landscaping around a business. Making the area more attractive is a good way to draw attention to a business. A small birdhouse included in the landscape design is a visual demonstration of one's appreciation for nature. This can make a good impression on people passing by.

A rustic style birdhouse has an endearing simplistic quality to it that makes it an appropriate choice for any type of landscape or garden design. Selecting a color that complements a home's exterior color or that is compatible with the color scheme of the flowers in the garden makes the birdhouse a subtle addition to the design. Selecting a contrasting color, will make the birdhouse a more noticeable feature in the garden.

Show some love for our feathered friends and look good doing it...get your tin birdhouse today!


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