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Friday, October 4, 2013

Why Not Have an Angel Watching Over You?

Your home is your sacred shelter. Therefore you want a home to have the highest degree of loving, positive and serene energy. When your home is filled with devotion, it brims light and goodness and everyone feels at peace and safe.

If you ever feel uneasy in a house or if you feel a substantial weight in the air there could be negativity inside of it. When this is experienced, you should consider placing an angel figurine  in a prominent place around your house. You can say any type of prayer which comforts you and ask the angels to rid the negative energies inside the home so that the good feelings return. An angel weathervane is a wonderful idea as it will protect the home, bring those inside a feeling of well-being and help to keep all inside safe.

Weather vanes are fascinating and their history goes back centuries. One of the earliest weathervanes was of a sea god which resembled a man who had a fish’s tail called Triton (a Greek god). This ornament was constructed in 48 B.C. by Andronicus who was an astronomer. These individuals believed that the wind possessed sacred powers.

In 1742 Deacon Shem Drowne constructed America’s first weather vane (a grasshopper) which sits atop Faneuil Hall in Boston. Drowne is also responsible for the rooster sitting on top of the First Church in Cambridge. Americans seemed to enjoy weathervanes which resembled patriotic forms such as the Eagle and the Goddess of Liberty.

Victorian buildings during the last part of the 19th century often displayed elegant weathervanes and enlarged metalwork decorated almost every available space of a roof. More simple ornaments became popular after 1900, when a particular sports scene or a humorous weathervane became fashionable. Today a multitude of weathervanes are available from hogs to horses and are easily installed.

In order to allow your angel weathervane to float over your home, it will need to be installed so its’ free-moving parts will move on your roof. This piece has adaptable feet and two brackets so it will properly fit on your roof. Even though your angel will watch over you, you want to take precautions while installing it. If you do not feel comfortable doing this task, contact a professional roofer to do it!

If you are confident enough to install the weathervane, be sure you use a sturdy ladder that also supports the tools and weathervane (use weather-resistant bolts to avoid corrosion). Be sure you have all you need to accomplish the job when you are up on the ladder to avoid making several trips. When on the roof, secure the vane and be sure that the parts move without effort and that it can be seen. To avoid any roof damage, be sure to place the piece through a rod which goes through the beam along the ridge of the roof (the ridgepole). After the installation is done, there is little maintenance needed for your angel weathervane so she is now free to fly and guard!


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