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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lasting Beauty for Your Garden

The lasting beauty of statues has echoed throughout time since mankind first discovered that we can mold hard substances into everlasting creations. The ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Persian empires are just a few of the nations who, despite being gone from the world, have left timeless monoliths behind that serve as testaments to the greatness of their people. Here in the United States of America, we are following their example by putting in place monuments such as the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. These incredible statues are works of art that leave onlookers in awe and while you may not have the resources to have a hundred foot tall sphinx dropped off in your backyard, you can have your own yard molded into a true work of beauty by investing in the right garden art statues.

When decorating your garden or yard you add trees, trim the grass, spread mulch, pave paths, lay stones and plant bushes. Adding a great collection of garden art statues, though, will create an ambiance that will transform a backyard haven into a serene work of art. The right statues can turn a boring cluster of shrubs into a woodland adventure, make a simple fountain seem like the center of a Roman promenade, turn a strip of pavement into a storyboard, or turn a bland patch of dirt and rocks into a stylish postmodern getaway.

Not only will garden statues add a fitting touch to the look of your garden, they are also long lasting. Unlike most other garden art pieces, they require little to no care and they will last several lifetimes. Most other types of garden art require trimming, watering and other forms of maintenance to maintain their health and beauty.

You can also take the statues with you if you ever decide to relocate. Even the largest art statues are mobile enough to be moved away should you decide to keep them. Trying to relocate your botanical garden art, on the other hand, requires the exhausting task of digging up deeply buried roots and carries the risk of the plants dying en route.

When considering how to best turn your garden into a serene world that you will always be happy to come home to, you should browse the world’s endless collection of garden art statues to find what you are looking for.


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