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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Capture Some Old World Charm With an Iron Garden Bench

Iron garden benches can add a relaxing English garden touch to an outdoor area. A long lasting material, iron used for iron garden benches will last the test of time. With many options to choose from, a garden bench will be sure to add that special touch to make the garden area shine.

There are many garden benches people use in their garden areas. There are wood, metal, iron, and plastic to name a few. Wood is definitely cheaper than iron, but it won’t last long, unless a homeowner plans on spray painting it with Kilz every few months – especially during rainy season. Plastic is the flimsiest of the benches and will definitely suffer in the heat. Metal is another option but won’t add that special touch that iron would add.

By choosing to have an iron bench in the garden, homeowners will be choosing quality and style for their yard. Making sure the iron bench chosen is made to withstand the elements is very important. The different types of iron include ones made by extrusion, casting, or forging/welding. Welded iron is the best kind to get. Cast iron is probably the worst kind for iron to choose in a garden bench. Cast iron is very brittle and will not stand the test of time but with proper care, it is possible to manage it enough so it will last years.

Iron garden benches are made in many various designs. If there is a butterfly garden, iron benches can be made so that the backrest is a giant butterfly design. If a garden or yard area is made to look rustic, then there are iron designed benches that can add to the rustic appeal.

Many garden benches can have backrests or be left as simple benches. Decorative pillows can also be added to an iron garden bench to make it comfortable. Having a unique design on a iron bench can be created by a welder. Otherwise, there are many online companies, department and hardware stores that will carry a few various designs.

Choosing to add an iron garden bench to the garden area is sure to please everyone. Not only does it add a special touch to the garden, but it also provides a place of comfort on hot, sunny days. With a variety of benches to choose from, a bench addition to the garden will be certain to add charm and beauty to the yard. 


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