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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Creative Possibilities of Wrought Iron Design

Wrought iron, literally translating to “hand worked” or “hand crafted” iron, has been a long time favorite for home and garden owners who are looking to add that extra something to their respective properties. With its beautiful rustic charm and endless design possibilities, wrought iron can offer countless choices in look, design or feel for any space. Although there are several ways that this particular type of metal can be formed to create decorative pieces to fill one’s home or living space, it will most frequently be seen as an outside adornment in gardens and front lawns. Wrought iron gates and arbors, or archways, are some of the most popular additions to the appearance of homes, which can add a timeless charm and historical beauty to any property.

Aside from its pleasing appearance, wrought iron materials are worth the slight extra cost as its proven durability greatly exceeds that of the less expensive and more common choices of chain-link or wooden privacy fences. If proper care is given to wrought iron gates and arbors, they can last through generations of families, producing the timeless and gracefully aged look that makes them so unique. This also outweighs the cost of having to fix or replace a less sturdy and more likely to be damaged material. As long as the wrought iron pieces are kept rust-free, which can be avoided with simple care and a fresh coat of paint or varnish, you will never have a need to replace it. 

Strength and durability aside, the design possibilities of wrought iron are without a doubt the most notable characteristic of the material. This type of iron is especially malleable which means that when placed under the right amount of heat it can be bent, twisted, molded and made into almost any pattern, when it is fashioned by a craftsman experience in the working of wrought iron. The capability of producing unique and intricate designs is a major selling point for wrought iron pieces. It is the ability to create something truly special and rare that not only produces the impressionable visual impact which jumps out at its viewers, but also creates a personal connection between the work and its owner, as it is likely that it will be an expression of their own individuality. 

The flexible nature of wrought iron has allowed for a widely growing market for designers to produce and sell their work. There are countless websites available online with thousands of options for wrought iron décor including flower planters, gazebos, trellises and antique ladders in addition to the wrought iron gates and arbors which are most popular. There are also several options available for customization in terms of varnish, paint, and finials, which are the ornamental adornments that sit atop gates and other fencing. The unique and visually appealing nature of wrought iron products allows for a wide variety in choices ranging from contemporary pieces to traditional and everything in between. 

Even if not purchased for its aesthetic charms, wrought iron décor will last its purchaser a lifetime. It is a symbol of creativity and a classic addition to any home or space.


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