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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Define Your Garden Spaces With Decorative Edging

Landscaping a yard is a pleasure to do. It takes planning and patience. Whether you are a do it yourself type of person or prefer to hire out work, the vision you have as to what your yard will look like when finished is something to always keep in mind. This will keep you sane as your yard progresses from landscape in progress to an oasis of personalized beauty. 

Decorative garden border edging is a beautiful way to enhance your yard. The choices as to what to border and edge with are only as limited as your imagination. You can use wooden borders such as cedar, willow, bamboo or log. Wrought iron and stone are also popular ways to border and edge your lawn. Wrought iron borders come in many different patterns, and finishes and there are a lot of choices as to texture and type of rock if you decided to go with a stone border. Using aluminum gooseneck pipes, which are made for washing machines, can create a fun and unique border. This edging can easily adapt to any shape of yard, plant or flowerbed as it turns at the joints. Looking around at home improvement stores or researching garden border edging on the internet will give you a taste as to all the different and beautiful options you have to choose from.

Decorative garden border edging is a great way to keep different areas of your yard separated and different sections of your lawn looking tidy. It provides clean lines and adds definition to garden plots, walkways and driveways. It could also be used to circle trees. One option is to lay a brick walkway around flower or vegetable gardens and then edge the walkway with matching brick or wrought iron. Creativity is key and your taste and expertise as to what looks beautiful to you will add a personal touch to your yard.

Practically speaking, decorative garden border edging is also a wonderful way to protect your yard from pests. A low border fence can help prevent rabbits from destroying your plants and border fences with a little more height will help to keep out deer. Nothing is more frustrating than waking up one morning and seeing that all of your roses (or other prized flower or vegetable) have been eaten like candy the night before by nocturnal deer wandering your neighborhood. Garden border edging helps keep weeds out and makes trimming easier and it can also keep gravel and rock from invading your grass lawn. Whether you decide to install your border/edging yourself or hire someone to install it, you will no doubt enjoy the clean edges and defined way your property looks after it is finished.


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