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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

There’s an old saying about fences making good neighbors. While few would dispute this statement, fencing entails much more than that. Fences maintain borders, insure a degree of privacy and keep interlopers from romping through your rose garden and stepping on your pet dog or cat. Wrought iron gates and fences, however, go beyond the concept of border demarcation; they are often works of art that enhance your private landscape.

Wrought iron gates and fences are highly versatile and can be made in any size or shape. Renowned author, Steven King, has a giant wrought iron gate that marks the entrance to his posh Maine estate. The hand-made masterpiece features a giant spider web motif that took two years to create. These structures can be as modest or as ornate as desired.

Wrought iron gates and fences are shaped and fashioned by bending the metal into unique designs with creative flourishes. These decorative enclosures permit passersby to admire a backyard and colorful floral stands, but prevent a closer view of someone who may be relaxing by a pool with little if nothing on save a smile. Their beauty does not detract from their strength and durability (the fences, not the bathers). 

Wrought iron requires little maintenance, since weather tends to improve its appearance, rendering a worn and rustic look. Though difficult to damage, over time, these fences may need small repairs. The degree of rust or pitting that may occur depends on the function of the enclosure and where it is located on your property. If near a swimming pool, for example, there may be more rusting or pitting; if in an area that gets a great deal of rain and or snow and salt from nearby roadways, the metal can be adversely affected. Water may also settle in the creases and joints of the metal work because wrought iron fixtures often have designs that are curved and creased.

Wrought iron gates may seem open, but appearances can be deceiving. Yes, you can see through them up to a point, but it is the top rail that comprises that point, and it is a sharp row of them at that. These intimidating spear-like peaks make the idea of scaling the fence or gate a most unpleasant proposition.

These ornamental structures are custom- made, which means they are not cheap. Prices can range up to $200 per section depending on the degree of craftsmanship, the design, the size of the section and the cost of the total installation. You can achieve a stylish, handcrafted look without the hefty cost if you creatively examine the desired space. Will a simple gateway rather than a massive structure covering the entire yard suffice? How about a graceful stairway railing or one-of-a -kind metal balcony?

Wrought iron has a beauty all its own that is both enduring and graceful.

Embrace its possibilities today.


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