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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Decorative Garden Borders Enhance & Define

Many people look at their gardening as more than yard maintenance, or more than even a hobby--but a decorative art, a way to make their home look happy, pretty, and inviting. There are, however, challenges that go with gardening as well. For instance, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to make a garden look complete without outside decorative garden borders.

Of course a border for a garden can be homemade--using wood or the like--but there are many downfalls to this approach even for the most seasoned gardener. First and foremost, one has to consider the longevity of this kind of border. Even specially treated wood lends itself exposed to all the elements, and will show it. This will eventually lead to a rotting, heavy, and cumbersome mess.

A wooden garden border is not nearly as visually appealing as their decorative wrought iron or steel counterparts. Even if the wood is of high quality, and made to look appealing, it will never show the sheer class of wrought iron decorative garden borders--an appealing reminder of 19th century garden art.

When considering any metal decorative garden border there are a lot of facets to consider--there are many custom options from sizes, styles, finishes and overall set ups to meet any needs. This is another positive to metal decorative garden borders--there really is something for everyone.

Very often these wrought iron pieces are thematic, and can either be paired by the theme of the home, area around the garden, or even just a personal preference. Many of these pieces interlock to allow unlimited area for the garden, in addition to maximum coverage. These interlocking border pieces can range from ankle height--mostly variations of small hoops--to being as high as three to four feet.

In addition to the small interlocking pieces which can have their own ornate designs, the larger garden borders give larger selections when it comes to design. For instance, there is a New Orleans-style fence that is very simple in design--it is also in the same height category as the extremely more meticulous tradition Fleur De Lis-style fencing.

Even for the gardener on the budget, a wrought iron decorative garden border can be obtained. Although many of these fence pieces can cost up to around $100 a piece, more simple designs can be obtained in the $30 range. For the more creative gardener, different style pieces can be paired to give the maximum dramatic effect--or just to spruce up an existing decorative border. There really is no limit to garden borders when using decorative pieces.

There is also no replacement for decorative garden borders when it comes to style, beauty, and sophistication.   


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