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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beautify Your Sanctuary with Wrought Iron

Where’s your refuge?

Where do you gravitate to relax and recharge your batteries from the stress of daily life? Is it a little garden nook, where a vine-grown trellis creates a quiet bower? Is it your own patio, where you can relax and chat with friends while dinner sizzles on the grill? Or is it out on your front porch, where you watch the world go by and enjoy the pulse of your neighborhood?

Whatever your special haven, it should feed the spirit as it helps you relax. It’s not the place for a boring, factory-molded plastic chair or a plain wooden bench. The furniture should be a work of art that expresses your particular tastes and style. That’s why a wrought iron patio bench is perfect for furnishing your private refuge.

Unlike prefab furniture, wrought iron is lively and expressive. From playful daisies to graceful seashells, from plain, sturdy styling to ornate scrollery, wrought iron furniture is available in a huge variety of designs and fashions. If you think of wrought iron as boring black, think again! Wrought iron furniture is typically finished with rustproof paint or enamel in a huge variety of colors. If you like a piece that is plain black, it’s easily painted with a Rustoleum-style spray coating.

Check out a dealer or website to see the huge variety of styles and colors for yourself. That quiet garden bower would look perfect with a

Worried about care? Wrought iron can rust if it’s left unfinished or if the rustproof painted covering is chipped or damaged. But it’s easily addressed with a bit of care. First, if you purchase plain wrought iron, give it a coat of protective liquid automotive wax before setting it out in the weather. If you find little rust spots, brush them clean with a very fine steel wool pad, preferably dipped in kerosene (use the proper safety precautions). Touch up the area with matching paint or a coating of wax. Another option is to use naval jelly, which will dissolve the rust. Whatever path you choose, the earlier you tackle rust spots, the easier they will be to remedy. And always follow manufacturer’s directions for use and safety.

So when you’re considering furniture for your special refuge, be sure to check out wrought iron. You’ll find something you love that will serve you well for years.

wrought iron patio bench styled with hummingbirds visiting trumpet vines. The bench with ornate grapevines and dangling bunches of grapes would look perfect on the patio where you entertain guests, sipping wine and enjoying the open air. Your front porch will look charming and inviting with a butterfly bench for two, or with funky, painted retro daisies. Do you have a country house? The horse-head bench is the right spot to sit while you take your boots off. So if you think of wrought iron as drab and old fashioned, look around a bit and see how incredible the latest designs are.


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