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Friday, November 15, 2013

Garden Topiary Gifts

Landscapes of all shapes and sizes are adorned often with the living art of decorative and functional garden topiary. Dating back to ancient Roman times the sculpting of perennial plants into deliberate shapes has been practiced by horticulturalists worldwide. Different plants can be used for topiary but commonly evergreen species have been employed. There are a variety of execution options to satisfy the different needs and skills of a gardener, garden topiary craft is all embracing.

Individual cultures practice this plant training in assorted methodical ways. Generation after generation the skill has been handed down and refined. Julius Caesar era Romans' were modifying their mini indoor landscapes into animals or symbols, and today in Europe the tradition continues. Greek Homes and atrium's are still known to be found with Topiary around and inside of them. Changing a plain garden or interior appearance into that of a decorated one was not always approved of in European culture but the choice was being made long ago to improve a garden or home this way.

Landscape modification by means of topiary had become invigorated after a period of decline in the European Renaissance era. Courtyards, balconies, and terraces again became the object of the wealthy exclusive European. Some countries become more elaborate topiary boasters than others. The English became fond of eccentric designs while France was prone to more conservation obelisks, and the Japanese Zen Garden remained rather unchanged. This can still be noted in Europe and Eastern Europe today. However, the trends leaned over the centuries towards utilization in all levels of economic status rather than only the wealthy having the skill or concern for Topiary in their Gardens.

Over time the technology for movable and advanced Topiary was explored and today there are many examples of this around the world. More extravagant options have come to fruition thanks to these advancements. The advancements have not only contributed to the luxurious wealthy landscape, but smaller simpler gardens have benefited as well. A simple everyday garden including a wire frame topiary that may help a vine or a shrub grow into a learned state is the materialization of thousands of years of effort by gardeners and can be respected for its beauty same as an ornate topiary design can be. In backyards of home owners, in palace gardens, temples and more, the skill to cultivate topiary has been adapted to the new movable pots and settings of the modern era. A common household gift to receive is one of a small simple Topiary.


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