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Friday, October 25, 2013

Black Planter Urns - Versatile Decor Accents

Black urn planters are the trendy new way to add a rustic touch to any area of your home or garden. The ability to add this simple accessory to so many places in your life ensures that this decor will make decorating easier and more fun. Not only are black urns good looking, they are very functional. There are so many ways to use black urns to your advantage. The options for these beautiful pieces are endless and always look great.

Finding fun ways to place black planter urns indoors will add a whimsical touch to your interior design that not many other potting options can provide. A small urn as a centerpiece on a table or counter will make an adorable focal point for entertaining. Larger urns can be used through out the home for similar purpose. You can use your black urn planter to fill some space in an awkward corner, or to accent an area that needs a little pop. You can add flowering plants to add some extra color. The black urn is very complimentary to green foliage. It also looks great complimenting colored flowers. It doesn't take an interior design expert to see that black is the perfect accent color.

Black urn planters are originally designed for plants, but they have so many other uses. Usually you will find these beautiful pieces in a garden or on a doorstep. The size and material may very depending on the plant inside. A creative and exciting addition to your decor is using a planter urn as a catch-all by the door or in the kitchen. Choose an urn with a shallow bowl and a fancy base. You can also use this same shallow bowled design as a fruit holder. The larger of them can be lined and used as office trash receptacles. Have a little fun and come up with an urn placement that is out of the ordinary. This versatile decor option is perfect for those of us who have an eye for surprising design concepts in the home. If you want the traditional look of the planter, fake flowers and vines also look great in these urns.

Outdoors, the natural habitat of the planter urn, also holds excellent decorating opportunities. Let it sit in the flower bed among many other pots and urns to create a cute bohemian look. The classic style of the urn used in this modern way can create quite an atmosphere in a garden. Another way to use the urns outdoors is simply placing one on each side of an entry or walk way. This method is very popular because of it is so functional and looks great. It also adds symmetry which makes for very clean style.

What are you waiting for? Make this trendy, beautiful, and functional purchase today. With so many creative and whimsical ways to incorporate these beautiful pieces, you are sure to find a place and style for the black planter urn of your choice.           


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