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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Recycled Plastic Rugs

Every homeowner that desires the addition of a unique artistic accent in their decorating scheme may find that recycled plastic rugs are a perfect solution. Not only are they suitable for use indoors, the recycled polypropylene straw material is great for outdoor placement as well. Don't overspend on an expensive, fragile rug when there are Eco-friendly options that are built to last.

Outdoor Durability
The great thing about plastic rugs is that are versatile and stylish enough to look great indoors or out. Other materials may soak in moisture to cause mold and mildew to take over after the first rain. Polypropylene stands up against moisture, and can be cleared of dirt and debris as often as needed with mild soap and water. Place under outdoor furniture or add elegance to any rustic lounge area.

Eco-Conscious Decorating
Artisans re-purpose materials to handcraft plastic rugs to cut down on the carbon footprint of production. Choosing this type of decoration comes with the confidence in a lasting material that was created without causing harm to the environment. It is important for every person to contribute as often as possible to preserving the world that is being inherited to future generations.

Portable Comfort
Before heading out on a camping trip or family picnic, simply roll up the rug for convenient, sturdy seating. Never again is there a battle with the wind to keep a blanket or sheet in place. If the kids are going to the park or want to play outside, move the rug to a convenient spot to avoid getting dirty or tough grass stains.

Recycled plastic rugs are a creative solution for mastering the everyday luxury of comfort and style. Spending hundreds of dollars on an attractive rug that is not designed to withstand outdoor weather is a waste of resources. Plastic rugs come in patterns that perfectly complement existing decor, or act as the focal point to begin a design around.


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