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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flying Sun Faces

Folk art often evokes a smile simply because of its unique ornateness. It stirs emotions by connecting us to a bygone era that can best be described through the art of that period. Folksy art such as whimsical Flying Sun Faces, metal farm, domestic and wildlife theme garden statues and artistic creations as simplistic as metal tree branches are a wonderful way to enliven a garden decor, landscape design or any exterior area of a home.

When you're feeling tired, stressed out, frustrated, melancholy or experiencing some time of negative emotion, the quickest way to find relief is to smile. The decor you include in your outdoor space can be the mechanism that triggers a smile, not only for you, but for anyone passing by. Pulling into the driveway and seeing a cheerful metal sun face smiling at you makes you inclined to smile back, regardless of how difficult the day has been. Neighbors and those passing by who see a colorful, large smiling sun face hanging above your garage or on the side of your house can't help but smile back at such a friendly face.

Add a wrought iron trellis to a garden design and attach a folksy sun face to it to create an uplifting atmosphere in the garden. Mix in a few other folksy art pieces such as a colorful rooster statue or some other unique statues and you have a delightful garden design. You don't need a green thumb to create an awesome night time focal point in a garden. Placing a spot light on a large wrought iron tree creates an eye-catching, conversation starter in landscape design. A wrought iron birdhouse tree complete with nests can easily become the main daytime or evening attraction in one area of the garden or landscape.

Garden and landscape designs should be fun to create and fun to look at. Everyone needs to smile, at least once a day. If a garden design or an element of outdoor decor can generate that smile, the design is truly a success.


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