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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why a Metal Green Watering Can Birdfeeder Is a Good Addition to Any Garden

Many different types of ornaments can be added to a garden or yard. Some like mirror balls are fragile. Others like a stone fountain are incredibly large and require extensive installation. A better option is a piece like a metal green watering can birdfeeder. This unique birdfeeder has several advantages when placed into a yard or garden.

Attract Fun and Interesting Birds

The birdfeeder has a bowl that can be filled with a good amount of any birdseed mix. Keeping the feeder filled will start to attract a wide range of different birds in the area. This can add life and fun to any garden or yard. It is also exciting for children who might have never seen the bright colors on different types of birds. The birdfeeder can bring birds to the yard or garden every day.

Accent Garden Space

One of the main advantages of a metal green watering can birdfeeder is that it can accent any type of garden space. The birdfeeder is roughly 43 inches tall. This means it can add height to a garden when placed between low plantings. The green color has a rustic and almost verdigris appearance that goes well with many different types of foliage without becoming lost in the leaves. The birdfeeder will become a valuable accent in any type of garden or yard.

Reduce Harmful Garden Pests

One of the potential benefits of maintaining a birdfeeder in a yard or garden is that the birds could actually reduce the number of harmful pests around the home. Many types of birds eat insects. This means keeping the birds coming back the home could result in fewer mosquitoes and beetles. This can help plants in a garden to thrive without using pesticides. Fewer garden pests can also make spending time outside more comfortable.

The Birdfeeder Can Be Used For Other Purposes

The birdfeeder does not have to be used just to hold birdseed. The bowl can be filled with a mineral mix designed to attract butterflies. The bowl could be filled with potting soil and used as a planter for small and shallow annuals. The bowl can be used for many other purposes beyond just holding birdseed.


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