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Monday, May 5, 2014

Reasons to Choose Wrought Iron Benches & Chairs for Patios and Gardens

Wrought iron is becoming one of the most popular materials for outdoor benches and chairs. There are entire patio sets made from wrought iron available today. Anyone who is considering purchasing furniture for a garden, deck or patio should understand some of the main benefits of choosing wrought iron pieces.


The first benefit is that wrought iron benches & chairs are incredibly durable. The metal will not bend, crack or break from normal use. It takes a large amount of force to bend the metal even a little. Additionally, wrought iron is highly resistant to corrosion and staining especially when a strong coating is applied to the outside. Wrought iron furniture can last for decades or longer with the right care.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Caring for wrought iron furniture is very easy. The furniture requires just a minimal amount of cleaning during each season in order to remove dust and debris. It does not require a new finish every season like wooden furniture. It also does not attract pests and mildew like wicker furniture. Some pieces can be cleaned with a garden hose and then wiped down without any problems.

Classic Appearance

Wrought iron is a very flexible material when it comes to design. The iron can be shaped into intricate scrollwork patterns. Wrought iron furniture has a classic appearance that will enhance the decor of any garden, patio or deck. It goes well with stone birdbaths, landscape lighting and rustic paving stones. It can also fit in well with modern or cosmopolitan decors. Additionally, wrought iron furniture comes in many distinctive shapes such as tree surround benches and courting benches.

Wind Resistance

Wrought iron is one of the heavier materials that can be used to make outdoor furniture. This is actually very advantageous when the furniture is left outside during an entire season. Wrought iron benches & chairs are often heavy enough and stable enough to not fall over when strong winds start blowing. This removes the problem of finding damaged furniture or missing furniture after a strong storm. Wrought iron furniture will not be carried off a property because of high winds.

Wrought iron is not only a classic look and feel, but long lasting and durable too!


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