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Friday, June 6, 2014

Wrought Iron Trellises Beautify Every Garden

Any homeowner who wants to add beauty as well as height to their garden landscape should consider the many benefits of choosing wrought iron trellises. A trellis constructed from quality wrought iron makes a very smart investment because it will be usable and serviceable for many years to come, in addition to increasing the value of your property.

This type of garden trellis is also very versatile. Its wrought iron construction makes it the perfect type of trellis to support the growth of lighter vines and plants such as Clematis, in addition to being sturdy enough to support much heavier and heartier plantings such as Wisteria or Grapes. Homeowners who choose wrought iron for the framework of their trellises can be guaranteed they will successfully support a wide range of blooming and climbing vines, including Ivy, Bougainvillea, and Hydrangea. When a trellis is made of wrought iron, it can support a wide variety of vine weights, allowing the gardener the versatility to plant lighter vines one year, and then changing to much heavier vines the next without the expense of having to purchase a new trellis.

A trellis made from wrought iron is resistant to the rot and deterioration that often affects more traditional trellises made from wood. A trellis that features wrought iron is very easy to maintain and eliminates the risk of having hidden deterioration going on underneath the vines that eventually has to be attended to, causing the gardener to sadly remove all vine growth in order to repair the trellis.

A trellis made from wrought iron makes a beautiful privacy screen in the garden in addition to adding a border when necessary or a stunning entry archway. Wrought iron trellises that are firmly anchored into the ground will not blow over when hit by the slightest gust of wind. Any homeowner wondering how to increase the visual appeal of their garden as well as the overall value of their property should investigate erecting strategically placed trellises constructed of wrought iron. There are a wide array of designs available to complement the existing architecture of the home as well as the theme of the garden


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