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Monday, June 30, 2014

How an Outdoor Hanging Candelabra Can Make Any Space More Attractive

There are many different lighting options for outside of a home today. Some people prefer landscape lighting that is installed in the ground. Other people rely on simple candles on a table. A more unique option is a candelabra made from wrought iron. The candelabra is designed to be used outdoors in any type of weather. An outdoor hanging candelabra can make any area more attractive in several ways.

Provide Distinctive Outdoor Lighting

The candelabra holds real candles that will shed light from above guests and not from below like candles on a table. This will create a very distinctive type of outdoor light that is warm, inviting, and natural. It can make any event or evening special for everyone in the area. A candelabra can also create a large amount of light since it can hold multiple candles at once.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

There might not be enough space on the ground or on countertops for different lighting options especially when the area is filled with furniture or outdoor serving equipment. An outdoor hanging candelabra allows homeowners to take advantage of vertical space. The candelabra can be hung from a porch, a stable awning or even a tall plant hanger staked into the ground. This keeps the fixture out of the way when entertaining people in a crowded space. It also keeps burning candles away from children and pets.

Easy To Maintain Each Season

Wrought iron candelabras are much easier to maintain than other options. They do not need to be taken inside during colder months. They do not need to be refinished every season like wood. They do not rot or warp because of heat and humidity. The candelabra can be hung in a sheltered location and left outside throughout the year. The wrought iron will remain attractive or will develop a patina. This can complement other items made from wrought iron on the porch or in the yard.


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