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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Clever DIY Ideas Using Wooden Ladders

Ladders that are wooden have served a functional purpose throughout history. Crafted from strong, durable wood, they can last for an indefinite period of time. In addition to serving the necessary function of allowing people to reach high spaces, with a little creativity, they've also been transformed into a variety of household decor items.

One unique D.I.Y. idea to employ ladders made from wood is to use them as a coat rack. By securing the ladder to the wall in a horizontal position, it becomes easy, stylish storage for coats and sweaters that is functional while giving any room a rustic vibe.

Additionally, leaning a wooden ladder against a wall, securing with nails and adding shelves creates a unique, nautical-style bookshelf. Adorn it with seashells, ribbon or lace to customize it to align with any decor style.

Avid crafters and quilters alike will appreciate the versatility of using a wooden ladder as a display for their creative efforts. Utilizing the same technique described above, secure a ladder against a wall in a leaning position and drape quilts, embroidery or needle-work over the rungs. For added customization, sand and paint in a desired color.

Bathrooms are, by nature, some of the smallest rooms in a home. To incorporate towel storage that is both functional and interesting, attach a wooden ladder to the wall in a flat, secure position, leaving enough space to drape towels over each rung. If you'd prefer to only have a few rungs for storage, this can easily be done by removing the unneeded rungs and sanding down the edges.

To clear up some cabinet space in the kitchen, install a wooden ladder horizontally from the ceiling, hanging at the desired height. Using S-hooks, secure pots and pans from the ladder for an easy-to-reach alternative to those pesky cabinet pan piles.

With the right tools and a bit of creativity, this common household item can be transformed into a variety of functional pieces with endless creative possibilities.


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