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Thursday, August 21, 2014

What Are The Best Outdoor Candles?

Looking for a way to add lighting and ambiance to an outdoor living space? Outdoor candles are a beautiful option for lighting up an outdoor area. The best outdoor candles can vary depending on the climate of the area and the needs of the people setting them up.

Outdoor Candle Options For Everyone

• Flameless Candles - Flameless candles use an LED light and either replaceable batteries or a solar battery to produce a flickering light that looks like candle glow without the danger of fire outdoors. For people in hot and dry climates, flameless candles are a safe way to have outdoor lighting that won't start a fire. Modern options flicker and look just like an open flame most of the time. Flameless rechargeable solar candles are also a great option for outdoor lighting that doesn't need constant supervision.

• Citronella Candles - For anyone beset by bugs, citronella candles will easily stand out as the best outdoor candles available. Citronella candles and torches can help to keep an outdoor living space well lit and bug free. When combined with the scents of the outdoors, citronella provides an area with a smell that many like as well. Citronella outdoor candles come in a variety of styles that should suit all needs.

Candle Lanterns - Most candles can be outdoor candles when used with a good set of candle lanterns. The right lantern can allow a home owner to use standard candles and scented candles outside without worrying about flame risks or problems with breezes or rain. Candle lanterns for outdoor spaces are the best option for those looking for a way to safely and effectively get the same look that interior candles provide in an outdoor area.

The best option for outdoor candles can change depending on the climate the candles will be in and the needs of the people setting them up. Flameless candles are great for safety and long term lighting, citronella is unbeatable for keeping bugs out, and candle lanterns allow standard candles to go anywhere. With these choices, giving an outdoor living space lighting ambiance is easy.


At June 27, 2023 at 11:39 PM , Blogger Tracy Ryan said...

It looks good, but it would be better if this lamp had a canopy. world of mario


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