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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wine Doesn't Grow On Trees...Or Does It?

Beautiful and unique, wrought iron artwork has become quite popular in modern day culture. For homeowners, gardeners, and art lovers alike, these pieces seem to capture a rustic taste that so many desire. The wrought iron wine bottle tree is a noteworthy style of art in itself. These trees take what some would consider trash and turn it into something incredible and remarkable. Twisting and turning the wrought iron will form it into a gorgeous tree-like shape. The trees can vary depending on size; some will be straight and tall and others will resemble a Weeping Willow, mangled and distressed. Even before adding the empty wine bottles onto the wrought iron branches, the tree looks like a magnificent piece of art.

The wine bottles that hang on the branches may be painted or decorated in lavish ways. The most popular are empty, blue bottles that seem to give the most bucolic feel. The number of bottles that a tree can hang also varies depending on size and structure. Some smaller wrought iron wine bottle trees will hold only a few while others can hold twenty or thirty. Some trees will remain fairly simple, with just the bottles accentuating it, while others may have beautiful iron leaves or vines wrapping around the winding branches.

However simple or intricately they are decorated, the trees look breathtaking in a backyard or garden where the sun or moonlight can twinkle off the wine bottles. They make a wonderful conversation piece and will create a comforting, tranquil atmosphere wherever they are placed. The trees will leave a lasting impression on all who see them and have become the longing of many art-lovers. Such a seemingly simple piece of artwork has the ability to inspire, motivate, and encourage any one who comes into contact with it.


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