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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wrought Iron Hanging Basket Stand

There are so many magnificent plants and flowers available to include in a landscape, garden or patio design, that it becomes a challenge to find ways to incorporate all of your favorites. If an outdoor space consists of a patio area or a small front or back yard, there are decorative options available that will increase the opportunity to create a spectacular display of plants and flowers. A wrought iron hanging basket stand is one of those options. These are available in a variety of attractive designs. The stand itself can become a decorative part of a patio or lawn design. This is especially true when the stand is designed as a replica of a bicycle, tricycle, chair or tea cart.

Tiered plant stands or stands with multiple shelves provide an opportunity to display more flowers in a compact space. The use of vertical space is a good design concept in any small area. Tiered plant stands can also be used in a spacious garden area or in a large landscape design. Large areas lack the intimacy and coziness that a small garden space has. Plant stands can be incorporated into the design as a way to create small, intimate spaces within the large landscape design. Surrounding a wrought iron bench with decorative plant stands will create a cozy, semi-private area to relax.

A wrought iron hanging basket stand can be a functional, decorative front porch accessory. There's something warm and welcoming about a colorful flower in a vintage plant stand gracing the entrance to a home. Many living situations today only have a deck or balcony as their exterior space. Wrought iron posts that can be attached to the deck are an ideal way to enjoy plants and flowers in what could otherwise be a visually uninteresting space. A metal plant stand with shelves or a tiered basket stand would offer a space-conscious place for flowers on a balcony.


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