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Monday, March 17, 2014

Architectural Antiques

Architectural antiques are the finer points of older homes that have survived the demolition or remodeling of these buildings. These are often the only links that people have to the old buildings and homes where they used to live. However, they can find their way into the modern homes that people reside in and make each home more comfortable and inviting than ever before.

Exterior Antiques

Exterior pieces of homes from the bricks that built a home to small architectural features and statuettes can be used to adorn a new home or to build a portion of the new home. A few bricks from an older home can be made into a small fire pit at a new residence. The statuettes that once adorned a brownstone that was in the family generations ago, can now adorn the walkway of the family's new house.

Interior Antiques

There are many interior antiques that can be transplanted from older homes and placed in newer homes rather easily. Most of the time, these antiques are parts of a building that were removed before it was demolished or remodeled.

The built-in cabinets or bookshelves that were in an old home can create a library that the family can use in their new home. Small architectural pieces from the walls or ceiling can also be transplanted into the family's new home with relative ease to give the home a little bit of character.

All in all, these architectural pieces are links to the past that families can use to make the most of their new home projects. Giving a new home an older feeling can be accomplished with these antiques that were once a part of something grand, but they have now been saved and will give life to a new home or building that any family can truly enjoy.

Shopping for these antiques and bringing them home gives them a whole new life that they did not have when they were sitting on a shelf waiting to be appreciated again.


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