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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How a 3-Tiered Metal Plant Stand Can Improve Any Home

Many different plant stands exist today. Some are very basic while others are more elaborate. A good option for any home is a 3-tiered stand with individual levels for each plant or container. Here are some ways a metal plant stand 3 tier can improve any home.

Compact Vertical Space for Planting

One of the main ways a 3-tiered metal plant stand can improve a home is by providing compact space for planting. Many types of plants have spreads and space requirements that can end up taking up far more horizontal room than homeowners want. This can lead to cramped garden designs or rooms filled with individual pots on every surface. A 3-tiered stand allows homeowners to take advantage of vertical space so that more plants will fit into a small area.

Easier Care and Maintenance

A 3-tiered metal stand makes it easier to care for and maintain the plants and the frame itself. Watering the plants in the stand can be done all at the same time instead of having to move around a large area. The elevations of the various levels allows for pruning at eye-level without having to get close to the ground. The stand is made from durable metal and does not need to be repainted or repaired every year. A 3-tiered stand is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to grow plants.

Use Indoors or Outdoors

Not all stands or containers for plants can be used outside. Some are unable to resist the elements, changes in temperature or pests. A metal plant stand 3 tier can be used indoors or outdoors as needed. The stand can be kept inside during the colder months and then moved outside when the weather warms up. This gives homeowners the flexibility to use the stand throughout the year in whatever area is the most convenient or attractive without restrictions.

Create Distinctive Hanging Arrangements

One final way a 3-tiered metal plant stand can improve a home is by making it possible to create distinctive hanging arrangements. Homeowners can plants different vines and hanging flowers on each level of the stand. Those plants will start to grow downward giving the stand a flowing appearance as the vines move from one level to the next. The result is something truly attractive.


At April 18, 2016 at 11:54 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you for the post. I think this would look amazing having vines cascading down. I like how strong and sturdy it looks. I also really like the elegant design at the top. This will make a great addition to my back yard.


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